Ariane Feldmann
Frontend.Developer by passion...

[HTML | CSS | Bootstrap | Wordpress | git | JavaScript | jQuery | React | Node]

It is hard to understand the Universe
if you study just One planet


What I learned. Where I learned.

10/2019-12/2019 Job Coaching
@ Goldnetz gGmbH
JavaScript, Ecma Script, Node, React
08/2018-08/2019 Training for Frontend Developer
JavaScript, Ecma Script, Node, React
01/2007-12/2008 Retraining as Digital Media Designer (Print and Digital)
@ BSD Gesellschaft für Innovative Bildung mbH
Adobe Creative Suite, HTML, CSS
02/2005-10/2005 Training for Webdesigner
@ A&Qua gGmbH
Screenlayout, Webdesign, Webdevelopment
09/1996-03/2005 Media- and Communication Studies
@ Insititute for Media- and Communication Studies
(Freie Universität Berlin)
09/1995-03/2005 North America Studies
@ John F. Kennedy Institute
(Freie Universität Berlin)
09/1991-08/1995 Gymnasium am Distelberg
High School Gradiuation
09/1983-08/1991 Polytechnische Oberschule Nikolai Ostrowski
Elementary and Middle School

Work Experience

Where I worked and where I did there.

since 01/2021 Frontend Developer (Drupal) (]init[ AG)
01/2020-12/2020 Trainee Frontend Development (Drupal) (]init[ AG)
08/2019-01/2020 Wordpress Developer (Hegner & Möller GmbH)
01/2009-08/2018 Business Owner (Kater & Krake) and Freelancer
04/2008-10/2008 Internship @ Seculogix Systems GmbH
  • Webdesign and web development (HTML, CSS)
  • Screendesign
03/2006-05/2006 Project work @ Seculogix Systems GmbH
  • Webdesign and template development (HTML, CSS)
11/2005-12/2006 Volontary work @ c-base e.V
  • Seminar orga
  • Secretary of board
02/2005-10/2005 A&Qua gGmbH
Employment @ c-base e.V
  • Screen design
  • Setting copy design
  • Member accounting
11/2004-01/2005 Robert Koch Institute
Working student
06/2003-10/2004 Freelancer @ Jasmin Taylor GmbH
Content editor, working student
  • Editorial work
  • Public relations
  • Accounting



Around my 40th birthday I discovered Aikido for me. Aikido belongs to the eastern martial arts. It origins in Japan and is considered the most peaceful kind of martial arts. There are no attack techniques and no competitions.

Aikido is something where you don't act against each other but together. It also focusses on the inner balance of mind, soul and body.


c-base is known to many as the "mother of hackerspaces", but actually this is only half the truth. c-base has a hacker space but it is much more than this. Its crew members pretend to reconstruct a crashed space station, some might even believe this to be true, at least on a philosophical level.

I have been a member of c-base since 2002. I am deeply connected to this place since I've met a lot of inspiring and helpful people here who supported my in discovering and developing my passion for coding.

fantasy blogger

I've always been someone who loves to dive into imaginative worlds, so it is not surprising that I got excited about pen & paper roleplaying games when I learned about it. In my twenties I tried out a lot of those.

Today there is just one group left, but this is of a special quality. This group already exists for ten years. We meet every 4 to 6 weeks to travel on the ways of our imagination and for four years now we have a blog where we write down our story out of the sight of our character. I have started to review and revise my own entries and to publish them on my website and as e-book.